Which is better for security – Wi-Fi or LAN?

Wireless vs LAN Local Area Network Connection Networks. Which Is Better?

These days wireless connections are most widely used then the wired ones. There are many reasons for it but the wired connections also have some advantages which we can’t deny. If we look at the enterprises we will see that still many organizations prefer to use the wired connections.

Wired (LAN) Connection:

The main reason of using Wired (LAN) connections by enterprises is that of security and control. The wired connections are also very cheap and have high speed and we can connect these wired systems at the long range. These are cost effective in a way that the price for cabling is very low.

The other advantage of using Wired Connection is that of control. By LAN connection you can check that who and what gets online and with this information you can restrict the access to some sites.

This is a great benefit for the enterprises. The outsiders cannot access to secret information of your business and your network will not be overloaded.

Typically desktop computers only come with wired LAN.

Wireless Connection:


Wireless networks are widely used due to easy portability. You cannot carry your gadgets everywhere having a long cable attached with it. People use wireless connections such as Wi-Fi for easily moving from one desk to another of from one meeting to another meeting. It looks awkward to hold your device having a long cable.

The wireless devices can easily be troubleshot but its very time consuming to repair the broken cables in case of LAN connection and obviously there is no software available for damaged cables. All word needs to be done manually which is merely the waste of time.


Many organizations allow their customers to use their own wireless devices which can prove very dangerous for the organization for security point of view. Security is somewhat easier if the tablets or mobile phones are owned by the business but employee owned devices are not good for security reasons.

The wireless network has another threat which you cannot avoid if your wireless connection is not very secure. With wireless connection your important data can fly everywhere even beyond the walls of your organization and the outsiders or wrong hands many get access to it.

So there is a need to add some security elements to prevent your connection from attackers. The other elements may include Security Event Management, authentication and intrusion detection. You can also secure your wireless connection by changing its default password and SSID to more secure one.

Beside the security purpose wireless networks also have speed issue. And the speed is affected due to walls and floors. Wireless networks lose the access when you move away from the connection point. So it means that if you want wireless connectivity far away in your organization then you have to install many access points. And definitely establishing many access points is very expensive procedure.

Both wired and wireless connections are used all over the world but when it comes to security we observe that wired connections are more secure and reliable than the unsecured ones.

Keep in mind that with any network connection, it is best practice to have the network secured from malware by implementing the best anti virus solution. If for any reason your network becomes compromised, it might be best to enlist the services of a computer repairs technician.