Is It The End For Desktop Computers?

Are desktop computers dying out?

Most of the people around us say that the PCs are dying out and the trend is moving towards laptops and tablets. But this is not so true because if we see the reality then we will find that still PCs are being used in many organizations and homes as well. It’s not about now throwing PC and having a tablet or laptop instead. Though people want to have tablets but the statistics show that tablets are selling less than the PCs. In fact PCs are selling in large numbers all around the world and their importance is still considerable. Even if we don’t look at statistics we can observe that huge amount of people not only use PCs but also demand it.

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Statistical Evidence:

  • People these days say that the sales for PCs have declined and in place of those tablets are selling more and the sales for tablets have increased tremendously. But it’s what people believe and the reality is somewhat different which is clear by the statistical evidence.
  • The sales for PCs have dropped about 6.9% in the fourth quarter of 2013 and it may sound like a bad news but the fact is that actually the sales have just slowed down. If you say that the sales for PCs have bottomed out then it would be wrong because statistics reveals that sales are just slowing down. But again sales are not very important rather what people are actually using is important.
  • A very authentic data shows that in 2014 desktop browsers reported for 71.89% of visits which was the greatest percentage as compared to others. Such as smart phones browsers accounted for 22.42% and just 5.69% for tablets. This data shows that most people are using desktops browsers to access the web and this percentage is greater. After PCs smart phones are being used to access the web and tablets come in the last number for accessing the web.
  • This is the one side of the available data but we must not forget the other side as well. We should see that whether the sales for tablets are increasing or not. If the sales for tablets are showing an increasing trend as compared to PCs then we can simply imagine that Tablets may just kill the PCs.
  • Tablet sales are growing more slowly than laptops and the sales for tablets are not accelerating rather these are slowing down. And in the fourth quarter of 2013 more PCs were shipped than the Tablets across the world.

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So what’s going on?

The reality is that tablets use is becoming very common and prices are also very low so everyone can afford these. The tasks which were being performed in earlier days with the help of PCs and Internet cannot be performed very easily with a tablet. And besides this people who use PCs also seem to have a tablet as well.

On the other side PCs are still very useful as when it comes to multitasking. You cannot use a Tablet when you want a large screen, writing, doing CAD work etc.