Comparing Free Anti-Virus With Paid Anti-Virus

Free antivirus vs. retail antivirus – Is it worth paying for?

Both free antivirus and paid antivirus programs have advantages and disadvantages as well. Here we will discuss what you get and don’t get when using free and paid antivirus programs. There are plenty of reasons in favor of both free antivirus products and paid antivirus products.

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Antivirus, Deconstructed:

Antivirus are available in four types:

  • Free Antivirus
  • Paid Antivirus
  • Suites
  • Premium Suites

As you move from free to the Premium Suites you will find more features are included. The other features which you will find in Premium suits include: firewall and identity theft protection. Beside these features you will also find parental control and system performance tools which are not available otherwise using free antivirus products.

The main drawback of using free antivirus products is that the level of security is low while in the paid antivirus products you get a lot of advanced security options. Another drawback of free antivirus products is the lack of online or phone technical support, which is otherwise available when you pay.

User Interface:

Paid and free antivirus products usually provide the same interface. There is usually not really any big difference in user interface if you go for free or paid. Some companies just add some features and toggles when there is a need for it.


When it comes to detecting malware then we see that the paid antivirus products perform a better job as compared to unpaid antivirus products.

In many signature based detection tests, paid antivirus have proved much more reliable than unpaid or free antivirus products.

Many tests show that the paid products performed a better job for removing active infections than the unpaid ones.


It is noticed that both the paid and unpaid antivirus products have an effect on increasing the computer startup time. But when we go for unpaid products the speed is usually very slow.

Top Picks:

With paid products you get more customer support and better comprehensive security features which are otherwise forgo when you go for unpaid.

Best Free and Paid Antivirus products:

The best free antivirus product is Avast. Avast Free Antivirus has good design, a very low system drag and strong malware detection.

The best paid antivirus product is Norton Antivirus. As it has superb malware detection, a cloud based scanner, some system performance analyses tools and an excellent interface design.

The second most commonly used antivirus product is BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 which has a lot of benefits.

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When you use free antivirus programs, then at that time you can use different unfamiliar tools without worrying about wasting the money on paid ones. But do not forget that you will be able to run only one firewall and antivirus program on your PC or laptop.

Paid antivirus programs are usually expensive but they provide better results as the individual components are automatically updated against the latest threats. Often it happens that paid programs also provide you additional features which you do not need. As a result of this you have to bear the additional or double cost for what you don’t need.

It is of course, prudent to be aware of the fact that if you are unable to remove the malware from your computer, it might be best to arrange the professional services of a computer repairs technician. Read more about finding the right computer technician.